About Me

 I am Angelika Mitchell, a thoroughly blessed working mother who lives in the scenic California wine country with my wonderful husband, our two kids, and a dog.  I am also a 20 year vegetarian who enjoys decadent and delicious vegetable based meals. This isn’t the hippie food of the 60’s we’re cooking, but rather a Mediterranean influenced whole food diet. We eat what we grow, what we pick up from the local farm, and what we find in season and tempting at the local market. I have no formal training other than pulling at the apron stings of the earlier generations of my family. (I had some magnificent teachers!)  Cooking is my relaxation, my artistic outlet, and my communion with the divine, and sometimes it actually turns out pretty good! So here I am to share with you my trials and my successes (as to be truthful you are unlikely to see my failures posted).

I believe in eating a diet rich in plant foods. Our family strives to eat 80% of our diet as foods that grew in the earth. A diet rich in plant based foods has been shown to reduce the risk of almost all diseases that plague modern civilization. Did you know that American’s don’t even rate in the top 20 for healthy life expectancy? Japan rates number 1. The anthropologist in me wonders why? What are they doing differently? I think the most profound thing they do differently is eat a diet rich in plant foods, which tends to be highly anti-inflammatory. Inflammation, much of which is diet based, has been shown to be the root cause of most, if not all, ailments that are common in western society.

I am still, however, an American. (first generation by way of Europe) I like to have my excesses but strive to do so in moderation. So here you will find my everyday healthy diet posts, mixed in with my celebration food. I gave up trying to bake things like birthday cakes gluten free and sugar free. Instead we eat them rarely, and while I reduce sugar content, I allow them to be spectacular splurges. I also hope that my approach allows my children to value healthy food but not feel like they were deprived of some of the sweet things in life.


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