Winter Pesto

by angelika on December 8, 2012

Basil isn’t as fresh an plentiful this time of year, but it’s no matter to me. I really prefer this arugula based pesto any time of year. Arugula is packed with nutrients that basil just can hold a candle to. It might actually be my favorite food. It’s on my top 5 list for sure. This pesto […]


Maple Roasted Pumpkin with Brussels Sprouts

by angelika on October 15, 2012

Fall is in the air, it’s turned cold here and as if to mark the occasion the first Brussels sprouts appeared at the market sitting beautifully right next to the pumpkin display.  I am embarrassed to admit, that my kids didn’t think you could eat pumpkin. At least that is what they told me. I was wondering where […]

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Lemony Roasted Potatoes

by angelika on September 14, 2012

These potatoes have been a mainstay in my home since the cookbook Veganomicon came out. They are the best roasted potatoes ever. They roast in a flavorful sauce of lemon, garlic, tomato and oregano. All the best flavors the Mediterranean has to offer. They roast up tender and crispy, and so incredibly addicting that I usually double […]


Asparagus Leek Quiche

by angelika on September 10, 2012

Asparagus Leek Quiche is loaded with flavor and gooey with gruyere cheese. I hosted a brunch last weekend, and I think this was everyone’s favorite dish. I’ve never made quiche before. Truthfully, I am not much of an egg person. I don’t mind them in baked goods, but I don’t care for the flavor of […]


Rainbow Potato Salad

by angelika on July 21, 2012

This rainbow potato salad was a dish at our extravaganza. I found these bagged potatoes at Whole Foods that were filled with pearl sized potatoes in purple, red and yellow. Each potato a single bite, ridiculously adorable. The combination of arugula and kalamatta olives is one of my favorites. Spicy and fresh with salty and rich. Amazing texture. […]

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Grilled Asparagus with Truffle Buuter

by angelika on June 29, 2012

Grilling is one of the fastes ways to prepare vegetables, and maybe my favorite. I love the flavor that a grill imparts on vegetable, even an indoor one. Grilling gives a nice smoky undertone, which is set off fabulously by my favorite salt, fume de sel. Other girls collect purses, me? I collect salt. Fume […]


Grilled Zucchini with Balsamic Drizzle

by angelika on May 20, 2012

I like to have an arsenal of super simple vegetable preparations so that I don’t skimp on the veggies when making a quick weeknight meal for my family. It’s super easy to throw together some pasta, or even pop in a frozen veggie burger, and I do it just like everyone. For Mr. Fabulous and I, a […]


Potatoes in a Spinach Sauce

by angelika on April 27, 2012

If you have toddlers or small kids, you know how satisfying it is to see your kids devour a meal that is rich in dark leafy greens, or vegetables that kids are not often associated with. I’ve said before that I have one adventurous eater, and one picky one. Finding ways to balance the diet […]


Truffled White Bean Hummus

by angelika on April 8, 2012

This is a quick and easy recipe (once you cook the beans) that makes the most delicious variation on hummus. Traditional hummus is made from chickpeas/ garbanzo beans. This dip is made from the light and creamy cannellini bean. Cooking the beans with garlic and onion preseasons them, and makes the dip come together with only 2 additional ingredients. […]


Sesame Almond Broccoli

by angelika on March 17, 2012

We have another installment in the category that shall henceforth be called Fast and Fabulous. This is a vegetable side dish that is once again ready in about 15 minutes. With food this fast there is just no excuse not to eat healthy. Broccoli is a beloved vegetable in our house. Both kids will eat […]

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Sesame Garlic Green Beans

by angelika on March 13, 2012

Weeknights can pose a challenge for us sometimes. Mr Fabulous often works long hours, and I can feel exhausted after a day working and then wrangling the kids. Like most of you, we have days with canned soup and sandwich dinners. Even better is when I can come up with a delicious vegetable side that is ready in 15 […]


Sweet Potato Polenta

by angelika on January 25, 2012

As promised, the ideal side for my last post of black eyed peas and braised kale, sweet potato polenta. What I love about this particular rendition of polenta is that it is made with broth, and not cream and milk. The polenta is lighter, healthier, and vegan. (if you don’t finish it with butter, which I did) […]


Cauliflower Gratin

by angelika on December 7, 2011

I went to a restaurant earlier this fall and ordered a cauliflower gratin. It was to.die.for. Now, I am already a big fan of cauliflower. As a child it was my favorite vegetable. As an adult I like all vegetables, (some a bit more than others) yet cauliflower remains a comfort food favorite. The thing […]


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts

by angelika on November 9, 2011

I think Brussels Sprouts get a bad rap. They are incredibly delicious, provided you prepare them well. They are also part of the cruciferous vegetable family, which are loaded with anti-cancer compounds. My personal favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts is to roast them, I find that they get a really nutty flavor. In this […]


Autumn Rolls

by angelika on November 2, 2011

The weather turned, but not much in these parts. We have colored leaves and chilly nights, but some warmer daytime weather. I had a bit of a split personality moment. On the one hand, I yearned for the warm and creamy flavors of roasted squash, on the other hand I wanted a light grab and […]