Heaven and Hell Cake

by angelika on September 7, 2013

Heaven and Hell

Stephen had a birthday, and as is tradition, the kids and I scoured cookbooks and the internet looking for the perfect cake to bake him. Last year we reinvented Banoffee Pie into a Banoffee Cake. This year we decided to go with a Heaven and Hell cake. It’s Devil’s Food, Angel’s Food and peanut butter […]


Cherry Almond Cake

by angelika on June 15, 2013

Cherry Almond Cake-7

I baked something and it turned out well! I know, I should not be so excited for this fact, especially given the fact that I have been blogging for almost three years. This pregnancy has really stolen my kitchen mojo, so I am thrilled that I can offer you a new and easy cake recipe […]


Fast Strawberries and Cream Tart

by angelika on June 8, 2013

Strawberry Tart

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The baby, the one that dwells in my belly, is killing my kitchen mojo. In a serious way. I’ve been all over spring trying to make new and delicious things with some of my all time favorite ingredients (fava beans). Yet everything I come up with falls […]


Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

by angelika on April 7, 2013

peanut butter chocolate chip bar

So I have a sweet tooth again. Is this a good thing? I doubt it. Especially coming up on the end of the second trimester. This is the time, last pregnancy, where I got the dreaded news that I had developed gestational diabetes. Otherwise known as pregnancy torture. Imagine having a host of cravings and […]


Mixed Berry Crumb Bars

by angelika on March 17, 2013

Berry Crumble Bar

Remember me? I’ve been having an aversion to my kitchen lately, which is making it very difficult to keep up with my blog! The good news is, there is a pretty good reason why. I am half way through my pregnancy with baby #3. (it’s a girl!) The bad news is, for the first time […]


Apple Cranberry Turn Overs

by angelika on February 18, 2013

apple turn over-5

I love puff pastry desserts, for the ease of making and the delicious flaky buttery flavors. These are mini apple pies, baked to golden crispness in a puff pasty pillow. The best part? You can hold it in your hand and walk away with it. No plate and fork required. We love these for a […]


Morning Glory Muffins

by angelika on January 24, 2013

morning glory muffin

We are big muffin eaters here. My kids just love muffins, they think they are special. So closely related to the cupcake as to be considered a treat. I love muffins because you can make up a batch in about 30 minutes, and stuff them with all kinds of great healthy ingredients. We also send muffins to […]


Coconut Bliss Cookies {gluten free}

by angelika on January 13, 2013

coconut bliss cookies

I have had a breakthrough in the kitchen today. I finally made a gluten free cookie that I love. I mean truly love. Not just, it’ll do since it’s sweet and tastes like chocolate, but really love! The secret ingredient is coconut flour, which gives the cookies a light and fluffy, almost cake-like texture. No subtle grainy texture that […]


Getting Ready for the Party 2 {4 days}

by angelika on December 12, 2012

Today is 3 days until the big day. The night before last, I put some sweetened condensed milk into the slow cooker to make dulce de leche for one of my Macarons. Yesterday I cleaned the house, and baked the “green” macarons. I also did a little spot shopping for some harder to find items. […]

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Strawberry Earth Cake

by angelika on December 5, 2012

My firstborn turned 6 over Thanksgiving which is bittersweet. He is definitely not a baby anymore. Q actually really never was a baby. I always joked that he was born a toddler, full of attitude and getting into trouble around every corner. At 5 he was practicing his teenager, and really became proficient. Now he thinks he knows […]


The Ultimate Gluten Free Blondie

by angelika on November 13, 2012

I have a lot of friends that are going gluten free these days, so I’ve been experimenting with some allergy friendly desserts. If I am honest, I have to admit I prefer gluten full desserts for the most part. My beloved Macarons are naturally gluten free. That said, I finally found a gluten free baking mix that […]


Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

by angelika on October 31, 2012

I am slightly obsessed with Pumpkin, which I guess is good timing since it is in season. I think part of the problem is I gave up coffee, which means no more pumpkin spice latte. (which besides being expensive is full of artificial flavoring and really against my food rules completely, that said I miss them terribly.) […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Cake

by angelika on October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! It was my birthday last weekend and this is the cake that Q and I decided to bake. It’s a very moist and rich chocolate cake, with peanut butter cream cheese frosting and filling, and topped with a layer of caramel ganache. If it sounds over the top decadent- it is! I adored […]


Fast Peach Tart

by angelika on October 9, 2012

This fast and easy peach tart is another dessert that is ready in 30 minutes or less. It is very simple, and yet elegantly delicious. We served it with some home make vanilla ice cream on top, coconut bliss for me, and it was the perfect weeknight dessert. My family is still following the steps […]


Pumpkin Pecan Cake with Burbon Brown Sugar Glaze

by angelika on October 2, 2012

This cake may look similar to the Apple Cream Cheese cake I baked last week- but the pecans and the bundt pan are the only things they really have in common. I was invited to a Harvest Party last weekend, and the host requested I bring a pumpkin dessert, knowing I am always looking to […]